The highly anticipated Gara di Briscola is making a triumphant return in 2024 following the resounding success of 2023! Mark your calendars for March 24th, as we converge at The Real Italian Pizza Co in the heart of Cardiff town centre for an evening that promises not only spirited competition but also the warmth of community and the joy of Italian tradition.

As the aroma of wood-oven pizzas wafts through the air, and the bar offers a selection of refreshing drinks, participants can indulge in the perfect combination of culinary delights and competitive card games. Teams will consist of two people, inviting participants to pair up and navigate the strategic world of Briscola together. Whether you are a seasoned Briscola enthusiast or a newcomer curious to learn the ropes, all are invited to partake in the excitement – previous event attendance is not required.

In keeping with our commitment to charitable causes, all profits from the evening will be donated to charity, ensuring that the fun and games contribute to making a positive impact beyond the gaming table. Create lasting memories at an evening of strategy, laughter, and community spirit, where every card played contributes to a greater purpose.


Date: 24th March 2024
Starts: 15:00
Ends: 20:00
Price: £5 per person (two players per team)
Location: The Real Italian Pizza Co, Trinity Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BH
Food and drinks: Full bar and restaurant menu available to order on the night. Not included in ticket price.
Facebook event: Find the Facebook event here
Tickets: To book tickets, please contact a committee member or message us on Facebook.


Our Briscola extravaganza is set to unfold over a delightful five-hour span, welcoming participants of all ages and skill levels. As the tournament progresses, participants can order from the full restaurant menu to enhance their gaming experience.

For those seeking the thrill of competition, the main tournament will be the arena for teams of two, allowing our more confident players to showcase their Briscola prowess and vie for the prestigious 2024 champion title. It’s a chance to form a dynamic duo and navigate the strategic world of Briscola together.

But worry not if you’re new to the world of Briscola! Throughout the tournament, we’ll have knowledgeable individuals on hand to guide and teach the intricacies of the game to those less familiar with it. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious newcomer, join us on the 24th to discover why Briscola is hailed by many as the best card game around. The evening promises not only fierce competition but also an opportunity to learn, connect, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of our Briscola event.