One of the charitable organisations that the committee of the Amici Val Ceno sponsor is Workaid, by subsidising the transport costs from the Rhondda to Workaid depot in Amersham, Bucks, near London.

Something about our contribution to Workaid, which was developed here in Rhondda at the latter part of 2001,by Joe Cavalli of Treorchy (and san Siro di Bardi).On my return from my annual holiday in Grezzo, Bardi, Italy I was invited to join Joe in his endeavours in collecting unwanted sewing machines, typewriters, knitting machines, all sorts of carpentry, mechanical, building and gardening tools for eventual dispatch to various institutions in Africa; also Peru and Romania.

About Workaid, it is a UK based organisation which this year alone has completed about 120 projects mainly in Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania. The projects mainly are the training up of youngsters to quite a high proficiency standard in various occupations so that eventually they become self supporting.

The occupations for girls are mainly secretarial, dressmaking, tailoring .While the boys are mainly engaged in carpentry ,building, plumbing and electrical, remembering that in many instances their formal education (where available)at fourteen have zero opportunities, for further education or job prospects. Also its worth mentioning that in so many areas they are without electricity or reasonable road connections.

So when they eventually complete their occupational courses and return home, unless they have the tools of their specific trade the initial exercise would be futile and any hope for a better future lost. Thus, by Workaid subsidising them with equipment and tools and with the help of organisations such as VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas) of which Robert Basini of Treochy was a part for two helping them develop their further independence not only for themselves but for generations to come.